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Golden Isles Paddle Tours

Golden Isles Paddle Tours operate in beautiful Jekyll Island, historic Saint Simons Island, cloistered Sea Island, or secluded Little Saint Simons. We serve Brunswick and Cumberland Island, too. Paddle tours are any tour or sightseeing trip you can do by paddling a kayak or standup paddleboard (SUP).

If you’re visiting any of Golden Isles and looking for things to do, then consider one of our great Golden Isles Paddle Tours today! We can tailor your paddleboarding or kayaking experience any way you like. Whether you’re looking for a floating beach party or an educational excursion through the marsh, we’re ready to serve to you.

Golden Isles Paddle Tours by Standup Paddleboard

When you join us on one of our Golden Isles Paddle Tours, we can paddle the lazy marsh or we can jump in the ocean. If we go the ocean route, we can even try to catch a few waves and paddlesurf over the sandbars! On occasion you can have a great day surfing on Jekyll island or near the jetty on Sea Island, and we can help you do that as well. Our two hour Standup Paddleboarding tours and lessons get you out on the water learning everything you need to know about this fast growing sport. With your reservation, we meet you right on the beach or at your hotel. Often on our paddle board tours here in the Golden Isles we come across amazing wildlife. Some of the things we commonly see are dolphins, manatee, great blue herons, roseate spoonbills, and sea turtles!

Currently, all of the SUPs in our fleet are from Riviera Paddlesurf. We use Riviera Originals for most tours, the voyagers see more action on long hauls and over-night trips, and the Nuggs are what we use for paddlesurfing. If you like these boards and want one of your own, all of our lightly used boards are available for purchase.

Golden Isles Paddle Tours by Kayak

Kayaking is a wonderful way to enjoy the marshes and tidal creeks when you join us for one of our Golden Isles Paddle Tours. Our single-paddler and tandem kayaks are easy to get in to and out of, and they offer more stability than standup paddleboards. They’re great for paddlers of all ages and skill levels! We recommend kayaks for anyone with fidgety children, creaky joints, or a need for a very stable boat, such as wildlife photographers or birdwatchers.

All of the kayaks that we use on our Golden Isles Paddle Tours are sit-on-top Jackson Kayaks that are built for stability and comfort yet still allow experienced paddlers to seek out a challenge. Kayaks that have been in our fleet for longer than a year are available for purchase.

What to Expect on our Golden Isles Paddle Tours

We begin every one of our Golden Isles Paddle Tours with a lesson on the land where we teach you the basics. From there we move onto the water and begin paddling up the beautiful coast, adjusting the pace and adventure to fit your comfort level.

While paddling with us in the Golden Isles, you will have an amazing time that will be a highlight of your vacation!

All of our instructors love what they do. We take great pride in teaching and making sure everyone has a blast while learning to paddleboard or kayak here at Saint Simons and Jekyll Island. All of our Golden Isles Paddle Tours trips are based on the tide times and the weather. This means we run a different times everyday so we recommend calling the day before or early on the day you want to go paddle to make a reservation.

Call 912-230-4323 anytime to make a reservation, or click the button below to book online.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is SUP?
Stand Up Paddleboard is a low impact sport that requires very little time to learn. It provides a full body workout that strengthens your core muscles and improves balance and coordination. Plus it's tons of fun!
Do I need to be experienced?
Absolutely not! You do need to be able to swim. It takes only a few minutes to get you comfortable on a board. Your instructor will give you a great on the beach lesson to help you feel comfortable even before you get on the water.
Is SUP good for kids?
Yes. SUP is suitable for ALL ages.
Will I fall off?
You might. However, it is very easy to get right back on. The boards are very stable and easy to climb onto from the water.Your instructor will also give you instruction on how “not to fall”.
What should I bring?
Dress like you are going to the beach. A swimsuit, shorts, shirt, sunscreen, hat, visor and towel are suitable. Generally, SUP is done barefoot, but water shoes are welcome.
Do we need to arrive early?
You may want to arrive at the beach a few minutes early to meet the instructor.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require you to cancel 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. Our guides are scheduled based on booked reservations.
What about inclement weather?
We do sometimes experience rainy days, or days when the wind is too strong, or the ocean is too choppy to provide a safe, enjoyable experience. In that event we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule your activity at anytime, and you will receive a voucher for the full price of your booking or rental.
We go to great lengths to ensure your safety and enjoyment. All of our guides are certified in CPR and were trained as lifeguards. We require leashes and life jackets on all of our paddleboards. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained. We have comprehensive training protocols, and measures in place to avoid negligence. However, the nature of our business is inherently risky, and while we will make every attempt to keep our guests safe, accidents can and will happen. While paddleboarding , you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. You will be asked to sign a liability release, indemnifying and holding SSI SUP harmless should you experience any injury or death while on our tours / rentals. We ask that you carefully read the Release before signing, and understand that by signing you are assuming all responsibility for your actions.

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