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Spoonbill are common sites on new birdwatching tours | Golden Isles Birding Tours
If you’re traveling to Saint Simons Island, Jekyll Island, or anywhere near the Golden Isles this fall, we have a GREAT new offering for you: Golden Isles Birding Tours! We’ve worked hard to put together new birdwatching tours that should appeal to expert birders but are also appropriate for beginners, young people, and anyone else who is interested. This new product is now a cornerstone of our product lineup, and we’re very proud to bring you this unique opportunity.

Our Golden Isles Birding Tours make use of our kayaks and paddleboards to get you close to where birds live. Whether they are hunting, roosting, mating, nesting, or migrating through the region, we’ve figured out how to get you a glimpse of the species you want to see. We do this by keeping group sizes small – each tour is limited to 4 participants – and putting you in watercraft that are quiet, small, and easy to maneuver. Then we get you on the water and lead you to where the birds are. How? By doing our homework! We do a lot of research using birding books, and then we talk to local birding experts. We also make notes while we’re out on the water with other tours, of course.

For this tour, we offer loaner binoculars upon request.