Frequently Asked Questions

What is SUP?
Stand Up Paddleboard is a low impact sport that requires very little time to learn. It provides a full body workout that strengthens your core muscles and improves balance and coordination. Plus it's tons of fun!
Do I need to be experienced?
Absolutely not! You do need to be able to swim. It takes only a few minutes to get you comfortable on a board. Your instructor will give you a great on the beach lesson to help you feel comfortable even before you get on the water.
Is SUP good for kids?
Yes. SUP is suitable for ALL ages.
Will I fall off?
You might. However, it is very easy to get right back on. The boards are very stable and easy to climb onto from the water.Your instructor will also give you instruction on how “not to fall”.
What should I bring?
Dress like you are going to the beach. A swimsuit, shorts, shirt, sunscreen, hat, visor and towel are suitable. Generally, SUP is done barefoot, but water shoes are welcome.
Do we need to arrive early?
You may want to arrive at the beach a few minutes early to meet the instructor.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require you to cancel 48 hours in advance to receive a refund. Our guides are scheduled based on booked reservations.
What about inclement weather?
We do sometimes experience rainy days, or days when the wind is too strong, or the ocean is too choppy to provide a safe, enjoyable experience. In that event we reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule your activity at anytime, and you will receive a voucher for the full price of your booking or rental.
We go to great lengths to ensure your safety and enjoyment. All of our guides are certified in CPR and were trained as lifeguards. We require leashes and life jackets on all of our paddleboards. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained. We have comprehensive training protocols, and measures in place to avoid negligence. However, the nature of our business is inherently risky, and while we will make every attempt to keep our guests safe, accidents can and will happen. While paddleboarding , you are ultimately responsible for your own safety. You will be asked to sign a liability release, indemnifying and holding SSI SUP harmless should you experience any injury or death while on our tours / rentals. We ask that you carefully read the Release before signing, and understand that by signing you are assuming all responsibility for your actions.

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This is what community looks like. Multiple churches, civic groups, youth, elderly... What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

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We're hiring! Open positions are for one full-time seasonal position in Savannah and two interns, one in Savannah and one in Saint Simons. Contact us for more information.

Please share this post with potential applicants.

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Is it just me, or does #sunset always look better from a #paddleboard?

Book a sunset #ecotour of your own and see for yourself. Book online at or call 912-230-4323.

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Norm Nov2016

Norm “Doc” Leonard looks out to the horizon during a fall paddle through the marshes

SSI SUP – St Simons Island Paddleboard and Kayak Ecotours & Lessons is built around the idea that people protect what they love. So, we help people fall in love with the beautiful, special places near our home on Saint Simons Island. Let us show you the grandeur of a sunset over the salt marshes, explore tidal creeks with a pod of dolphins, or challenge your athleticism in the surf. Paddle for fun and spend the afternoon laughing with or friends, or hang out with Doc as he shares his passion for the ecology and biodiversity of the Georgia coast. See things you simply can’t see from the water’s edge and hear things that are normally drowned out by the sound of a motor if you go by boat. The Golden Isles are a wonderland, rich with gorgeous vistas and fascinating wildlife!


Owner and CEO Norm “Doc” Leonard holds a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology from UNO (2008) and a BS in Ecology from UGA (1998). After working in research labs for his two post-docs at UGA and teaching at the college level for over a decade, he finally followed his dream when he bought SSI SUP. For him, the job is about more than having fun on the water, but he admits that he loves meeting new people, being active, and spending most of his days outside. In fact, he says, “It really is a dream come true! I get to share my passion for the world with people who are genuinely interested. Many of them share my fascination with nature, and they quickly come to realize that I really love what I do.” The best part, Doc tell us, is that he “get[s] to be outside and have a blast with a lot of really interesting people without having to jam a bunch of information down their throats. Instead, they just start asking questions, and I get to tell them all this really cool stuff. Before we know it, we’re enjoying a great paddle through a beautiful place while we laugh, share jokes, and talk about this very special place. And, every once in a while, I also meet someone who wants to paddle fast or try to paddlesurf, and I get a decent workout. No matter how you slice it, it’s all win-win.”
Dr. Leonard also owns and operates CORE Adventure Group with his wife Skye McIntyre, a clinical mental health counselor who practices in Dahlonega, GA. CORE’s mission is to help people reconnect with themselves, other people, and the natural world anywhere they want to travel. Most excursions are in the mountains of North Georgia or in Georgia’s Golden Isles, the two places where Skye and Norm keep their homes. But, with that said, they love to travel all over the world, and they’ll readily take you to any destination for a paddling adventure, hike, or backcountry excursion.
SSI SUP is a subsidiary of Kingfisher Paddleventures LLC. All materials on this site copyright 2017.